Unit 2 What a day

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Unit 2     What a day

(Cartoon time)


1.能正确理解Cartoon time故事内容,掌握相关生词。




1.能正确理解Cartoon time故事内容,掌握相关生词。




Step 1 : Everyday English

Step 2 : Free talk

T:   I did housework last Sunday.

     What did you do last Sunday?

     I…(过去式) last night.

Step 3 : Revision

T:   Last Sunday was the 20th of September. Yang Ling did many things on the 20th of September. What did she do? Let’s try to retell the story.

Step 4 : Presentation

1. 揭题: What a day  (板书:)

  Today, let’s continue to learn Unit 2 What a day!

2. Look and guess

T:   How about Bobby and Sam’s Day! First let’s guess.

       Maybe Bobby/Sam had a ________day.

T:   Please look at the picture. Bobby is sad. Why was he

      sad? Let’s watch the cartoon.

The students watch and answer.

3. Read and Circle

A .T:  First let me check you. Please open your    English book, turn to Page22. Please read the cartoon and circle the new words.

B.Can you try to read?

C.Let’s read together.

4. Read and judge

T:  Please read the cartoon again. Try to find and judge the sentences.

Robby lost his new kite. What happened then?

5. Read and answer

T:  Very good, Now please read the cartoon in your groups, and try to discuss the questions in your groups.

T:  Did they find the kite at last?

Step5 : Consolidation

1. Listen and repent

 T:  It’s time for reading. First let’s listen and repeat.(Pay attention the pron…)

2. Choose and act

T:  Now it’s your turn. Please choose one picture and act it out with your partner.

3. Let’s retell.

T: Good job. Let’s try to retell Cartoon time. The sentences will help you. Please talk in groups.

4. Writing

T:  After that, Sam and Boddy went home. Every one wrote a diary.Please read and help them complete their diaries.

Design:         Unit2 What a day!



                  lost his new kite

                           What a ________day!

                          Found the kite  




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