beautiful sunset

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Beautiful sunset

My winter holiday was very great.l went to countryside with my mother.l saw my grandparents.

Behind our house,there was sycamore tree.Lt was so strong and so tall.l like this sycamore tree.

       One day,at dusk,l climbed this sycamore tree.l climbed high and high,l more and more shock about scene.My view dripped through the leaves,l could see sunset. They were so exciting. They were appeared above the horizon.At first,they liked hot fire.Sometimes they were orange and red.Sometimes they were paper and pink.They liked beautiful flowers.They were very nice and shine.

        All over the world is too big.l want to see many nice scene .But l am so small.l can’t see all beautiful scene.l am slow walker,but l never walk backwards.

                                                       六6 龚弘伊


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